Maybe you feel busy but not productive. Productivity expert Tonya Dalton helps us to strategize and prioritize so we can experience the joy of missing out. Learn how to reject the pressure to do more, be more, and achieve more, instead focusing on what is truly important in your life.

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Can 15 minutes a day help you stay in love? Author Marcus Warner is here to talk about closing in the joy gap, based on his book "The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled Marriages."

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Jon Gauger shares heartwarming truths from his new book "Kids Say the Wisest Things."

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You've probably had your kids say "But it was my brother's fault!" or "I didn't know about that!" to escape blame.  Author Marty Machowski teaches us how to introduce the concept of sin and reconciliation to kids through his children's story "Don't Blame the Mud."  It's a great way to teach your kids to own up for their mistakes and reconcile their relationships.  

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Author Mary DeMuth offers hope and perspective from her latest book, We Too - How the Church Can Respond Redemptively to the Sexual Abuse Crisis. Find resources at

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Feel like you are running on empty or running in circles? Author Cheri Gregory shares how you can de-stress your life and go from spent to content.

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What is beautiful?  Author and photographer Rebecca Friedlander uncovers true beauty through the lens of Scripture and what she has learned after interviewing women from all around the world.

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Could you use a big dose of hope in your home?  Bible teacher Melissa Spoelstra is here to help.  Her newest book, "Dare to Hope: Living Intentionally in an Unstable World" is based on the book of Jeremiah.  Listening is a mega theme in Jeremiah and it can be a mega theme in your home.  Learn how to listen to God and your kids more closely and watch things change for the better.  

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Wondering how to motivate your kids to behave differently? In Dr. Kathy Koch's new book, Start with the Heart, you'll learn how to motivate your child from the inside out and improve your communication as a parent.

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Author Clarence Shaler talks about the wise decisions young men can make from his book "Choose Greatness." Many boys are adrift, not succeeding in school or life, but just in video games. Learn how to parent your boy with purpose so he will grow up to be a great man.

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Can you relate to being a grumpy mom sometimes?  Most of us can!  Valerie Woerner, author of Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday is here to help us fight for joy.  You'll be a different mom by changing your focus.  You and your kids will be glad you listened. 

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If you are tired of yelling, being misunderstood, and feeling frustrated in your relationships, today's guest Dr. Laurel Shaler is here to help!  She sharing practical tips from her new book, "Relational Reset: Unlearning the Habits That Hold You Back." 

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Best selling author Dannah Gresh is here to help moms have meaningful conversations with their daughters about true beauty, social media, growing up into a woman and more.


You'll love Dannah's new book for girls age 8-12, "Lies Girls Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free."  I also recommend getting the companion guide, "A Mom's Guide to Lies Girls Believe."  It was my pleasure to endorse these books and here's the real test...I'm talking about the ideas inside with my own daughters!  I'm going through it with Noelle (age 12) first and then Lucy (age 9) next. 


This podcast will help you learn how to: 

  • Use social media more positively 
  • Identify key conversations to have with your tween girl 
  • Tackle beauty and insecurity issues 
  • Reset after you've made a mistake 



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John Rosemond parenting coach Wendy Faucett identifies the fake news you might be believing as a parent and what to do about it.  

You'll learn why doing less - not more - for your kids is much healthier for their development and why the punishment doesn't always have to fit the crime.  

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Becky Harling talks about the I AM statements by Jesus from her Bible study, Who Do You Say I Am? As you encounter Jesus, you will be changed for the better at Christmastime and all year long.

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Is your Christmas season marked by stress instead of calm?  How can you focus on what's really important (the birth of Christ) and pass that along to your kids?  Melissa Spoelstra shares practical tips to help you this season from her book, "Total Christmas Makeover: 31 Devotions to Celebrate with Purpose."  

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Not sure when to say yes and when to say no to your kids?  Author Hannah Anderson joins Arlene to talk about discernment.  How can parents learn to discern...and to pass that skill on to their kids?  Based on Hannah's new book, "All That's Good: Recovering the Lost Art of Discernment."  

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How can you calm your child's anger and your own as well?  

Are you experiencing toddler tantrums, pouting kids, or teenage eye rolling?  

Award winning author and mother of 10 Tricia Goyer is here to explain how anger works, how to manage better, and how to create a calmer home.  Based on her new book, "Calming Angry Kids," you will love these practical tips and insights about anger and your child.  

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What milestones are your child missing due to too much screen time?  Pediatrician Dr. Tim Johanson shares his concerns about video games, social media and what screen time actually is doing in your child's brain.  You will be surprised and challenged by this doctor's visit via podcast.  

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The ever presence of screens has eroded quality time in many families.  Dr. Kathy Koch talks about the importance of play and prayer, and how a few simple changes could make a big difference in your home.  

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What is the harm of letting your child play video games or letting them have a phone?  Dr. Kathy Koch, author of Teens and Screens, is here to talk shop about technology.  Amusement does not have to be the priority in your child's life.  

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You don't have to feel helpless as a parent.  Your prayers can make a world of difference!  Moms in Prayer founder Fern Nichols shares how to become more effective in prayer.  

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Author and creator of Secret Keeper Girl, Dannah Gresh is here to tackle tough subjects for tweens and teens.  You'll learn how to:

  • Teach modesty to girls at a young age
  • Recover when you've made some mistakes in the shopping zone 
  • Set healthy boundaries and expectations for dating 
  • Have positive conversations about sex 

Dannah is an expert when it comes to sexual purity, modesty, and parenting tweens and teens.  You will get the practical help you need to rise as a parent and promote modesty in an increasingly immodest world.  

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Did you know your child is like a dump truck filled with diamonds? 

Clinical child psychologist Dr. Todd Cartmell explains the similarities between your child and a dump truck.  You'll learn how to look for diamonds through the power of listening.  Plus you'll learn how to train your child to freak out less and stop throwing tantrums.  

Arlene interviewed Dr. Todd Cartmell for her new book, Parents Rising: 8 Strategies for Raising Kids Who Love God, Respect Authority, and Value What's Right.  

Find out more about Dr. Todd Cartmell at

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Common sense parenting is not as common as it used to be.  Popular speaker and author Kendra Smiley joins Arlene to talk about the power of routine and responsibility, making marriage a priority, and what not to do when your kids fail.  Learn more about Kendra at

Kendra was interviewed for Arlene's newest book coming out in April: Parents Rising: 8 Strategies for Raising Kids Who Love God, Respect Authority, and Value What's Right 

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In this social media crazed world, our tween girls need to know more than ever where true beauty really comes from. 

Proverbs 31 author Lynn Cowell joins Arlene to talk about instilling confidence in tween girls based on her book, Brave Beauty: Finding the Fearless You.  

Learn more at and find the Bible study you can do with your child under "Freebies." 

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Are you struggling with illness or know someone who is? 

Author Sarah Forgrave has been there and she's here to help us find hope when we're sick or when we're reaching out to those we love.  Sarah shares practical ideas from her book, Prayers for Hope and Healing: Seeking God's Strength as You Face Health Challenges.  

Learn more at 



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Do you feel like you are too busy? Or is it difficult for you to slow down and rest?  This episode will help you find that right balance between work and rest. You'll see busy in a whole new light, gaining tools to improve your daily schedule and strengthen your relationship with God.  You'll find answers to questions like: 

Are you addicted to over-work?  

What do you apply keeping the Sabbath in today's modern age? 

What's the difference between false guilt and real guilt? 

How does someone know if he or she has gotten too busy? 

How can you improve the quality of your calendar and life?  

What is soul rest?  

Learn more about Glynnis Whitwer, author of Doing Busy Better, at

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What a joy to welcome Lynn Marie Cherry to share her moving story of redemption.  Lynn is the author of “Keep Walking: 40 Days to Hope and Freedom after Betrayal.”  When she discovered her husband’s porn addiction, her first response was denial.  But she learned in the years to come her marriage was worth fighting for.  Learn more at 

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Could you use some help taming your technology?  Arlene Pellicane shares help from her new book, Calm, Cool, and Connected: 5 Digital Habits for a More Balanced Life.  You can learn what it takes to say it is well with my phone.  

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Arlene Pellicane interviews author of Fear Fighting, Kelly Balarie, about the keys she has discovered to deal with paralyzing fear.  Learn how to use prayer and brave declarations to chase fear away. This change of perspective makes a big difference. Enjoy more peace and less stress by changing what you think about and what you say.  

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Would your friends describe you as happy?  In Part 2 of this message, The Happiness Habit, Arlene Pellicane teaches simple habits that will bring more happiness into your life.  

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Arlene shares Part 1 of her message, "The Happiness Habit."  Based on her book 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife, you'll learn how to put a smile on your face even when you don't feel like it.  

Discover why happy is more about habit than happenstance.  


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Speaker and author Cindi McMenamin joins Arlene to help us dial down the drama in our lives.  Giving tips from her new book "Drama Free: Finding Peace When Emotions Overwhelm You," Cindi shows you: 

How to lessen the drama in your life 

What to do when a friend or family member offends you 

When it's not the right time to step in to help a friend 

Why self-care is important in reducing drama 

Find Cindi's checklist to being drama free at: 

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Author Kendra Smiley joins Arlene to give real encouragement to moms from her new book, "Mother of the Year: 365 Days of Encouragement for Devoted Moms."  

Kendra is a mother of 3 grown sons, and grandmother of 11.  With humor and wisdom, Kendra shares heartwarming stories that teach valuable lessons about making the most of motherhood.  

Learn more at 

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Do you struggle with food?  Arlene interviews Asheritah Ciuciu about her new book, "Full: Food, Jesus and the Battle for Satisfaction."  Learn how you can finally put food in its proper place and break the hold it may have on your heart and health.  

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Author Sharon Jaynes joins Arlene to talk about her new book "A 14 Day Romance Challenge: Reigniting Passion in Your Marriage."  You'll be encouraged to captivate your husband all over again.  Find out why romance isn't just for Hollywood movies and how you can experience romance with your spouse more and more in everyday life.  

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Does raising children in this current culture scare you sometimes? 

Wife and mom of four Cindy Bultema joins me to talk about raising godly kids in a godless society.  Based on her new Bible study on 1 Corinthians, Live Full Walk Free, you'll learn how to: 

-Have tough conversations about pop culture 

-Share your past mistakes and sins in a redemptive way 

-Engage with the culture instead of running away from it 

-Embrace "shame off you" instead of "shame on you" 

-Make the Bible more a part of your everyday life as a busy woman 

Learn more about Cindy at 

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My friend author Angie Mosteller is here to help us recognize the godly symbols of the season (and how to pass on these treasures to our kids).   Angie has a wonderful book titled, Christmas: Celebrating the Christian History of Classic Symbols, Songs and Stories.

On the podcast, you'll learn:

Why we decorate with Christmas trees 

A surprising story about the carol "O Holy Night" 

What to say to your kids about Santa 

What are two important criteria for whether or not you should put something on your Christmas activity list?  

Visit Angie's website at Celebrating Holidays to learn more about her book and find a ton of Christmas resources like Christmas playlists of Advent songs, stories, the meaning of symbols, and recipes.  

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Joanne Miller, author of Creating a Haven of Peace, joins Arlene to talk about making your home a place of refuge and joy.  In this busy, crazy world, wouldn't it be nice for your family members to come home and sigh with relief.  This is where I'm safe.  This is where I'm loved. 

On this podcast, you'll learn how to: 

- Create a strong marriage even with the busyness of being parents

- How to use the five senses to make your home special

-Start a new branch of your family tree, even if you were raised in a less-than-peaceful home

-Benefit from the power of mentoring

- Put more fun and less business in your family life

- Practice family traditions that your kids will always remember


Learn more about Joanne and Creating a Haven of Peace at 

And learn more about Joanne's husband Dan Miller at 

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Whether you need help as a single mom or encouragement with your prodigal children, this interview with author Janet Thompson will touch your heart and help you prioritize what is really important. 

You'll learn: 

-How to better journey through divorce and single parenting

-How to pray for your prodigal child

-The importance of woman-to-woman mentoring

-What to do if you feel alienated by the church because you are divorced or a single parent

-How to win the spiritual battles in your home  

Direct download: Hope_for_the_Single_Mom_and_Prodigals_with_Janet_Thompson_.mp3
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Many children today struggle with ADHD.  Dr. Jennifer Degler joins Arlene to talk about her son Jake who was diagnosed at a young age.  You'll learn important coping and helping strategies.  Even though he was told he wouldn't ever be able to read well, Jake went on to take AP classes, go to college and win awards.  Behind him was a mom who wouldn't take no for an answer.  

Direct download: Jennifer_Degler_on_Hope_for_ADHD.mp3
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Ruth Schwenk is a pastor's wife, mom of 4, author and blogger extraordinaire. Her new book is titled, "For Better or For Kids: A Vow to Love Your Spouse with Kids in the House." On today's podcast, you'll learn:

-How to regain proper perspective as a mom
-The mission of being a mom
-How to have a calmer, saner home
- How to make decisions about kids' sports and activities

You'll be encouraged to remember that the moments matter. What you do with your kids is not forgotten or unimportant.

Learn more about Ruth at or


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Mother of 7 Hannah Keeley joins Arlene in part 2 of this conversation about becoming a happy mom.  You'll learn how to: 

- Manage stress better 

- Have more fun as a mom 

- Limit screen time for your kids (including high schoolers) 

- Trust God more and worry less 

- Make peace with a less-than-perfect Pinterest life 

Hannah is the founder of Mom Mastery University, and the host of "Hannah Help Me!"  She has been featured on the Today Show, Fox & Friends, the Rachael Ray Show, and the Wall Street Journal. 

Learn more about Hannah at 

Direct download: Hannah_Keeley_on_Becoming_a_Happy_Mom_Part_2.m4a
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Arlene interviews mother of 7, TV personality, author, speaker and fun-loving wife Hannah Keeley.  If you've ever been overwhelmed as a mom, you'll want to listen to this energy boost about finding purpose and tackling life's greatest challenges - one step at a time. 

Learn how to turn your despair into hope and find more energy as a mom.  You'll be inspired to make positive changes in this lively conversation.  

Direct download: Becoming_a_Happy_Mom_with_Hannah_Keeley.mp3
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Singer and author Gwen Smith talks about launching your teens successfully, the power of prayer and God's Word in parenting, and how to deal with tone (yours and theirs!).  You will be inspired to seek God's presence in your home and you will be equipped to better connect with your tween or teen.  Plus Gwen is hilarious!  

Direct download: Gwen_Smith_Becoming_a_Happy_Mom.mp3
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Author, speaker, radio and TV host Kendra Smiley joins Arlene for an inspiring talk about:  

- Engaging your strong willed child
- Re-establishing family priorities

- Asking the parenting question, "What's my goal?"

Learn how Kendra responded to her strong willed son who didn't want to complete the "stupid assignment."  That sounds familiar right? 


Arlene interviewed Kendra for her book 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom.  And remember that eBook is only $1.99 in May 2016 (on Kindle, Nook, Google, Apple, etc).

Direct download: Kendra_Smiley_on_Becoming_a_Happy_Mom_Part_1.mp3
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Singer and author Gwen Smith talks about launching your teens successfully, the power of prayer and God's Word in parenting, and how to deal with tone (yours and theirs!).  You will be inspired to seek God's presence in your home and you will be equipped to better connect with your tween or teen.  Plus Gwen is hilarious!  

Direct download: Gwen_Smith_on_Becoming_a_Happy_Mom.mp3
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You will be inspired to live with gratitude after listening to this interview with Mary Carver.  Mary is the co-author of Choose Joy: Finding Hope and Purpose When Life Hurts.  It's a story of triumph over illness and pity party living.

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Learn how to raise kids who know how to serve, say thank you, and limit screen time.  Blogger Kristen Welch joins Arlene for this encouraging conversation about motherhood, messes and redemption.   

Direct download: Kristen_Welch_Raising_Grateful_Kids_Pt_2.mp3
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Popular blogger Kristen Welch shows you how to raise grateful kids in an entitled world.  You will be inspired by her family's service to their non profit Mercy House in Africa.  Learn how to respond when your kids complain or whine about what they don't have.  

Direct download: Kristen_Welch_Raising_Grateful_Kids_Pt_1.mp3
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Mother of five Rhonda Rhea joins Arlene to give hope to the mom who is worrying about doing everything right.  Learn how to handle discipline better, prepare your teen for adulthood, and about rescuing your kids.  With a special word for pastors wives as well, Rhonda reveals what is truly important to the happy mom (and whether or not you should battle with your teen about hairstyles and colors!)


Direct download: Humor_for_the_Weary_Mom_Part_2_with_Rhonda_Rhea.mp3
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Need a good laugh today?  If you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed or frustrated, you’re going to love this talk with hilarious speaker, author and mother of five Rhonda Rhea.  She’ll inspire you to make the best of date nights gone wrong, raging hormones, and the proper use of chocolate.

Direct download: Humor_for_the_Weary_Mom_with_Rhonda_Rhea.mp3
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The Positive Lady Karol Ladd joins Arlene to talk about the transition to the empty nest, connecting with your teen, and making your house the fun place to be.

Direct download: Karol_Ladd_on_Becoming_a_Happy_Mom.mp3
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Have no Kathi Lipp is here!  You'll learn that you are NOT the worst mom on the planet after all.  Find out how to lean into your friends in the motherhood (and how to find help as a single mom too).

Direct download: Kathi_Lipp_on_Becoming_a_Happy_Mom.mp3
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Author and founder of Pure Freedom, Dannah Gresh talks about connecting with your son and daughter, even in the teen years.  Learn how you can utilize the power of the reset button in your mom life.

Direct download: Dannah_Gresh_on_Becoming_a_Happy_Mom.mp3
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Have you ever struggled with that nagging feeling you weren't measuring up as a mom?  NYT bestselling author Karen Ehman joins Arlene to talk about contentment as a mom.  How can you resist the race to replicate?  How to tend to your spiritual life in the midst of a busy schedule? 

Learn how to enjoy greater job satisfaction as a mom from mother of three, Karen Ehman.  Learn more about Karen at and look for Karen's advice in Arlene's new book, 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom. 

Direct download: Karen_Ehman_on_Becoming_a_Happy_Mom.mp3
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Psychologist, author and speaker Dr. Jennifer Degler joins Arlene to talk about the changing sex life of a mom.  How do you adapt to different stages in your marriage?  Learn how to deal with love busters like fatigue and fan the flame this week.

Direct download: Dr._Jennifer_Degler_on_Fan_the_Flame_for_Moms.mp3
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Smart Stepmom joins Arlene to help the frustrated stepmom find more peace at home.  Learn how to adjust expectations, discipline your stepkids, and the one thing you don't want to miss out on with your biological kids. 

Arlene interviewed Laura Petherbridge for her upcoming book 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom. 

Direct download: How_to_Be_a_Happy_Stepmom_with_Laura_Petherbridge.mp3
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Fern Nichols, founder of Moms in Prayer International, joins Arlene to talk about finding joy through prayer.  Learn how to enjoy one of the best things you can do for your kids: praying for them.  Practical suggestions and inspiration to ramp up your prayer life, starting today.  

Direct download: Fern_Nichols_on_Becoming_a_Happy_Mom.mp3
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Parenting expert, speaker, and author John Rosemond joins Arlene.  Learn why "The Good Mommy Club" may not be for you.  Find out how to de-stress as a mom and how to have your own "International Mommy Take a Day Off" day.

Direct download: John_Rosemond_on_Becoming_a_Happy_Mom.mp3
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Sexuality has been twisted by culture.  What is good is often seen as bad, and vice versa.  Today's expert, author Pam Farrel talks about what real red hot monogamy is.  How can you refresh your love life with your spouse?  You'll find this out and much more in today's podcast.  

Direct download: Pam_Farrel_on_Red_Hot_Monogamy.mp3
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Organizing expert Marcia Ramsland joins Arlene to talk about getting your home in order.  Where do you start?  What can do if you're frustrated by a messy house?  She'll give you doable ideas including a way to clean up after a meal in 10 minutes.  

Direct download: Getting_Your_Home_Organized.mp3
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Are you dreading getting together with your extended family this Christmas?  Not sure how to have a smooth celebration with your blended family?    

Laura Petherbridge, The Smart Stepmom, joins Arlene with advice to help you not only survive the holidays, but actually have the best Christmas to date. 


Direct download: Saving_Christmas_for_the_Stepfamily.mp3
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Wish your preschooler or young child was more appreciative?  Wish they managed anger better?  Learn how to instill these and other A+ emotional skills even in this screen-driven world.  

Direct download: Teaching_A_Skills_to_Preschoolers_Part_2.mp3
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How are screens impacting your preschooler?  In this presentation to preschool educators, Arlene helps you teach emotional skills that no app can teach.  Based on her book with co-author Dr. Gary Chapman, Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World. 

Direct download: Teaching_A_Skills_to_Preschoolers_Part_1.mp3
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Arlene answers questions about her new book like, "How in the world did you get to write with Dr. Gary Chapman?" and "Why did you write this book?"  Learn more of the back story of Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World.  

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Want to excel in your all important role as wife?  Join Arlene for this informative discussion with business leader, entrepreneur, and author Dr. Marjorie Blanchard.  Learn how to achieve unity in marriage, identify roles, and stay interesting to yourself and to your spouse.   

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If you have been frustrated by the differences between you and your spouse, you will be encouraged by this interview with author Poppy Smith.  Learn how to tame anger and the tongue in this talk with a wife who once thought her marriage was a big mistake. 

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Are you and your husband on the same page spiritually?  Christian author Lynn Donovan shares her story of what it's like to be married to an unbeliever.  How has she found love, peace, and happiness in a home that is spiritually mismatched?  Find hope for your hurting marriage today.  Lynn's story is featured in Arlene's book "31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife."     

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Burned out?  Having fights about money with your spouse?  Overwhelmed?  Author and financial planner Bethany Palmer joins Arlene to talk about enjoying your role as a wife...even when you are crazy busy.  Plus learn about money personalities which will help you get along financially with your mate.

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Leslie Vernick on Becoming a Happy Wife

Author and counselor Leslie Vernick equips you to deal with unhappiness in marriage.  What questions do you need to ask yourself to get unstuck?  What unhealthy stories are you telling yourself?  Learn how to become happier in your marriage starting today.

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Author and pastor's wife Cindi McMenamin knows what it takes to be happy in marriage - even when personalities collide and life is stressful.  Learn to adapt your expectations and place your trust in God, instead of putting too much on your husband's shoulders. 

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Kathi Lipp on Becoming a Happy Wife

Popular speaker and author Kathi Lipp talks to Arlene about creating more joy in your marriage.  Learn how you can use your words to not only build up your spouse, but to feel a whole lot better about yourself as well.  Find out why nice girls really do finish first. 

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Speaker and Author Carol Kent joins Arlene to discuss how to be happy wife even in the midst of crisis.  Carol and her husband have overcome many difficulties - you'll learn how to do the same and experience supernatural joy in your marriage. 

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Bestselling author and speaker Sharon Jaynes shares the secret to her very happy marriage.  You will see that even though Sharon did not have a positive role model in her family, she discovered how to create a very different marriage for herself.  You will learn how too in this interview from Arlene's series about becoming a happy wife.

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Bestselling author and beloved speaker Liz Curtis Higgs shares her tips on enjoying a happy marriage - even if you are a former bad girl!  Learn how to become a source of encouragement in your home, and even how red lipstick can assist in that endeavor!  You'll love this interview with Liz which Arlene also features in her book "31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife" (February 2014). 

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Arlene begins a new series to help you becoming a happier wife!  Bestselling author of Red Hot Monogamy and Men are Like Waffles, Women are Like Spaghetti Pam Farrel joins Arlene to share her secrets of being a happy wife. 

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Arlene shares the final key to enjoying a DREAM marriage - mutual activities.  Why is it so important to your man that you hang out and do fun things together?  Find out and get some ideas to help you have a great next date and weekend together. 

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How important is attraction in a marriage?  Find out why courtship and putting your best foot forward shouldn't stop after you say "I do."  Discover three questions to ask yourself that will help you become more attractive to your spouse - plus you'll feel great in the process too! 

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How would you rate your lovelife?  In message three of the DREAM marriage series, Arlene talks about the "E" in DREAM which is eros.  Get revved up about romance in your marriage once again with these easy ideas

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You cannot underestimate the power of respect in a husband's heart.  In this message about having a DREAM marriage, Arlene reveals the second key to your husband's heart:  respect.  Learn how to give it regardless of what is happening in your marriage.  Discover how to communicate in a way that will make your husband (and marriage) thrive. 

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Arlene shares the elements of a DREAM marriage with part one in this series.  The D stands for Domestic Tranquility.  In this modern busy age, how can you still provide a peaceful haven for your husband to come home to?

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Ever feel stuck in your marriage?  Arlene talks to Andy Freeman about how to keep the adventure going in your marriage.  At age 55, Andy learned how to ride a motorcycle AND invited his wife to ride cross country with him.  Find out how they lived to tell the story!

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For 15 years, Sam Keckler's life revolved around his addiction to pornography and women.  Hear how he was set free from lust and how his marriage has been completely healed from the effects of porn.

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Need a marriage makeover?  Arlene is joined by Patrick Brown, the host of TLC's Home Made Simple for eight seasons.  Patrick shares what a wife can do to make a man feel a hero in his own home.  Don't worry...these basic steps do not require power tools or complicated assembly.

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Most couples who get separated end in divorce.  But that was not the case for today's guest Tshaka Armstrong.  Find out how this couple came back together and what made all the difference.

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Actor Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Soul Surfer, What If) talks with Arlene about marriage and fatherhood.  You will enjoy this refreshing and candid interview from a man who is successful in Hollywood but who does not live by Hollywood's values. 

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Comedian Tim Hawkins talks to Arlene about marriage and all the funny stuff that goes along with a man and a woman trying to understand each other for life.  You will love his perspective on marriage, date night, and the perplexity of women in general.  Insightful, honest, hilarious - Tim Hawkins!

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Bestselling authors and sex therapists Dr. Cliff and Joyce Penner join Arlene for a candid and informative interview about married sex.  What do you do if pornography enters the picture?  How can you become more intimate with your husband through the years?  Find out in this interview for Arlene's book 31 Days to a Happy Husband. 

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Internationally recognized sex therapists Dr. Cliff and Joyce Penner join Arlene for a candid conversation about sex.  You will learn how to enjoy your sexuality more, along with the difference between decision and duty sex.  How can a wife go from tired to turned on?  Find out on the podcast.

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Focus on the Family radio cohost John Fuller joins Arlene for a heartwarming conversation about his family.  Learn the importance of prayer as John shares about the adoption of their sixth child and the challenges of a busy home.

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FamilyLife Today cohost Bob Lepine joins Arlene in a candid conversation about the ups and downs of married life.  Learn how to perservere in marriage for all the right reasons. 

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Bestselling author Bill Farrel answers questions like why is sex so important to a man?  What does a wife's appearance mean to a man?  You will love Bill's wisdom, sense of humor, and way of explaining the heart of a man. 

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In Part 2 of her message, Arlene shares how you can enjoy a better body without involving surgery or a ton of money.  Learn how to make fitness fun, no matter how old you are!

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Financial advisor and author Scott Palmer helps you eliminate financial stress from your marriage.  Learn how a spender and saver can get along and other tools to help you understand your spouse's money personality.

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Dr. David Clarke unpacks the importance of kissing, talk times, and praise in a healthy marriage.  You will enjoy the wit and wisdom of this psychologist and author of Kiss Me Like You Mean It and I Don't Want a Divorce. 

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Pastor, bestselling author, and Turning Point teacher Dr. David Jeremiah talks with Arlene about his happy marriage to his wife of almost 50 years.  Find out how he and Donna continue to grow closer.  What do they like to do together?  What advice does he have for couples?  You'll be touched by this meaningful conversation about the love of his life.

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Arlene Pellicane interviews author and counselor Dr. David Frisbie about the most common problems facing couples today.  Learn how to handle the dangers of pornography, infidelity and disrespect.  Get the tools you need to make your marriage work smoothly and truly live happily ever after.

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Author and youth specialist Mark Matlock shares what he and his wife have done to put their marriage first amidst a busy home with teenagers, ministry and travel.  Learn how to put a spotlight on your marriage, no matter how busy you are.  Mark is the president of Wisdom Works Ministries and Youth Specialties and has been ministering to youth for over two decades.  This interview is part of Arlene's Happy Husband University series. 

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